Photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin 

Hey you Spektrum guys, I can't wait to go down next weekend. I'm so ready for this upcoming Hip Hop & Rap festival here in Hamburg . Artist like Chefket, HUDSON MOHAWKE, SSIO, Haftbefehl and many more will perform. You guys have to come, but it's actually the last day to buy tickets, so HURRY! See you next saturday, Whoop Whoop. 

Buy your tickets here. 
Spektrum 2nd of August 

Photos / GIF: Anna Wegelin


Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

I remember one day I got completely lost in the Souks of Marrakech and I was simply trying to find my way home back to my Riad, when I got attacked by this young fella. I could not understand a word he said, but I figured he got really pissed because I was showing my toes. At least he was pointing at them and he began to grumble.
Perhaps he got excited to see me rocking that Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pop Art No.1, but when he couldn't stop yelling at me I changed my mind about that.
I was completely covered, no hair, no shoulders, I thought I was doing a good job but obviously not. That day I started layering and wearing socks in the summer heat of Marrakech. Thank god for white nike socks, I survived in style.

More than that, I actually brought beautiful clothing by Lies in Layers to Morocco. Layering and camouflaging par excellence. Lies in Layers is a new fashion Womenswear brand from Hamburg and this Thursday they will celebrate their very first collection Fingers Crossed. 
I adore them already and you better make sure to check out on them.

Jacket and Dress by Lies in Layers

Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom


Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

Russian Hair Styling at it's best.

 I love that russian Moms know how to braid plaits and I think my Mom has some pretty good braiding skills, don't you think?

Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom


 Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

Just got back from Marrakech and it’s been such a wonderful & magical trip. Pretty intense and mind-blowing in every way. Of course I will show you tons of pictures soon, but for now I will only share my birthday look with you folks. I turned 29 on July the 1st and somehow I think 29 is going to be damn hot! Oh yeah.

Silk Dress-La Perla
Pearl Thingy- Die Kleiderei Hamburg 
Necklace- Handmade, Souks Marrakech

Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom


Photos: Dar Kawa

I can't believe I'm staying in Marrakech for a week. I feel like I'm in a movie, it smells like oranges everywhere, the alleys are tiny and crowded with people. My Riad Dar Kawa by Valérie Barkowski is a dream coming true and I feel like I never ever wanna leave this place. Marrakech you already blew my mind. Love.

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Photos / GIF's: Anna Wegelin / Mom 

I’ver never been really interested in cars. I mean why should I? I almost spent my whole life living in a big city with a fine infrastructure. I’m madly in love with the subway line U3 here in Hamburg and I literally spent my teenager times dreaming and dreaming while riding the tube from A to B.

I remember once I told my Dad I will never ever get a drivers license. Back then I thought it was cool not to have one and I only changed my mind when I was 25 years old.
Since then, lots changed and I do enjoy driving around in a sexy car from time to time. So I was especially happy when BMW was so kind to offer their new i3 to me and my Broffice Fabian Hart – to cruise around with and enjoy for some time. The i3 is an electrically powered car and I wasn't sure at first how different that would really be.

After a short time of driving it, I was like – Uhh how smooth is that? Somehow I felt like a good person, some sort of double vegan. The car itself is so quiet and I enjoyed riding it a lot, even tho the battery lasted for not longer than 130km, which was fun because Fabian and I went on an energy trip to experience its efficiency to the fullest. 

Our good energy day was packed with power activities like visiting the renewable power house bunker in Wilhlemsburg. In case you haven’t been there yet, they have a beautiful rooftop terrace cafe with a breathtaking view over Hamburg. Then we went to a new vegan food place in town called Monkey Deli. The place is heavenly good and everything on the menu is homemade. I had a cucumber soup with dill and freshly baked ciabatta – so good!  

Last but not least we decided to drive to the restaurant ‘Altes Land’ because of their excellent approach to food and ingredients. For instant they serve you only slow food from the immediate Hinterland. Fabian and I had a delicious Menu with 'Forgotten Herbs' like nettle.

On our way back home we almost ran out of energy, luckily there a lot of power stations here in Hamburg. No doubt you won’t get bored with an e-car, as you have to think about your consumption. But changing our consciousness ain’t that bad tho. Future. Now. Let’s do this. 

Photos / GIF's: Anna Wegelin / Mom


Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

Sometimes I like talking about what I'm up to and sometimes I don't. Easy. And I like ice cream. 

Photos: Anna Wegelin / Mom

Silk Pants: Anna Wegelin, Lapka Collection
Top: Karl Kani
Coat: Phaedra -Secondella Hamburg 
Turtleneck: American Apparel
Portfolio Bag: Some Designer from Hong Kong, forgot the name, but it’s handmade and super nice. 


Photos / Food / Styling: Anna Wegelin

Watermelon in your vitamin shake? Easy. Watermelon in your salad? Yeah we can do that. A cold summerish watermelon soup with chili and rosemary roasted chickpeas? Now we're talking.
I’ve been doing a lot of watermelon creations lately and the savory watermelon chili soup was heavenly good, so fresh and full of flavors. 
Last weekend my friends and I decided to have a very spontaneous dinner party. And when I say spontaneous I mean my friend Hedi Xandt and I, we were standing in the grocery store with no clue at all what to cook. Luckily Hedi and I share the same love for food, so it was pretty easy to figure out a great last minute vegan menu. 

We started with a simple slice of watermelon, served with a pesto made of basil, ginger, red onions, oil and pine nuts. And that is pretty much everything I remember from that night, not sure if I was that drunk or the watermelon just so good. But I tried a similar variation and I truly believe it was the watermelon with the pesto that made me lose my memory. 

RecipeChop parsley, ginger, walnuts, basil and thyme. Add olive oil, maldon (smoked sea salt), fresh lemon juice and the zest of it. Serve it on top of your watermelon and et voilà! Happy Summertime everyone.

Photos / Food / Styling: Anna Wegelin


Photos: Anna Wegelin

Last Saturday. Berlin. Analog. Andraes Golder. Hedi Xandt. Tara Dougans. I live for moments like these. Thank god I ran out of film when we all got naked. Crazy Grillmaster. Contax. 800.  

Photos: Anna Wegelin


Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin

Mostly I prefer my Gin simply served with a good tonic, like all of us I guess, but every now and then I also love sipping on a drink such as a tasty basil smash. A few weeks ago I found a dandelion syrup at the Marktzeit food market here in Hamburg. I thought it could be a wonderful mixture, so I’ve been mixing Hendrick’s Gin with the dandelion syrup, fresh lavender and a hint of some fresh sugarish lemon juice.
Well we all know there is not that much that can go wrong if you know how to dose your ingredients, but in this case my drink wasn’t just okay, naahha it worked out magical. Dandelion goes hand in hand with the lavender and lemon is always king. 
I think this drink can be perfect for a smooth & chill sunday afternoon, outside in your garden or balcony, well deserved after a day of doing nothing. To good drinks and lazy sundays...chin chin. 

6cl Gin 
Fresh Lavender  
4cl Dandelion Syrup 
2cl fresh sugarish Lemon Juice

Mix all that in a shaker filled with ice. Now enjoy. 

Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin


Photos/GIF: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand: Karina 

We run the world, we own the night and we will run this town! Guys, I’m so excited to attend
the WE OWN THE NIGHT race in Berlin this upcoming friday. Over 10.000 runners taking part in the race through Prenzlauer Berg and you know what? I’ve been actually training for this!

I started exercising three months ago in March and on May 4th I managed to run my first Half Marathon. Seems like I came a long way, right? But to be honest, I literally died when I began with my training, I felt like chucking up after 5k and I probably looked like a dead person running. 

So when I ran my first 10k I was super proud of myself. Since then I’m running at least 4-5 times a week from 10k to 17k. My goal for the NIKE WE OWN THE NIGHT run is to make them 10k under 55 minutes and to have loads of fun while running with a bunch of power girls next to me.
Oh, and no one else then Miss Platinum herself will be giving an exclusive concert after the race. 
So, you better hurry up now because today is the last call for registration, see you on friday! 

Photos/GIF: Anna Wegelin, Helping Hand / Karina


Photos: No.2, 4, 7 and 9 by Anna Wegelin. All other Images by NICOLE WEBER communications

Canoe riding, tigerpythons, fire, scorpions, botanical flowers, a bar made of bamboo and bananas everywhere your eyes can see. Sounds like you’re somewhere in the jungle, right? But nope. All that went down, a few days ago in the middle of Hamburg City when Hendrick’s Gin invited my Broffice Fabian Hart and I to one of a kind event. 

That night, David Piper and Master Distiller Lesley Gracie herself introduced us to a rare edition of Hendrick’s. An edition that is made with the exotic botanical Stachytarpheta Cayennensis. Dicovered in the Venezuelan rainforest by David and Lesley themselves, on their expedition to create a remarkable flavor.
The local tribes call this specific botanical 'Scorpion Tail', but I simply stick with 'fukn delicious'. The taste is extraordinary and in no case comparable to anything else I tried before. What a bummer you will never have the chance to try this exquisite liquid. Distiller Lesley brought back only 8.4 liters and I'm kinda sure there is not that much left after the night in Hamburg. But there is no need to worry, in my upcoming post I will show how to go jungleish wild with the classic Hendrick's GinUntil then...Cheers!

Photos: No.2, 4, 7 and 9 by Anna Wegelin. All other Images by NICOLE WEBER communications