photos: anna wegelin 

Recently, the Bettery Magazine invited me to be part of the Change of View project, which is about one local photographer and one visting showing their visual perspectice of their city. I represented the visting photographer and a friend of mine Dennis Swiatkowski took over the part of the local photographer. Up here you can see my pictures but you guys should definitely switch over to the Bettery page to have a proper look and to check out the other cities. 


Freunde der Sonne, vielleicht könnt ihr euch noch daran erinnern, dass ich im Sommer mit VisitSweden das Land des Knäckebrots unsicher gemacht habe. Während dieser unglaublich tollen Reise, habe ich mich in schwedisches Gebäck verliebt und eigentlich wollte ich gar nicht mehr nach Hause. Ganze fünf Monate habe ich gebraucht, um meinen Liebeskummer zu überwinden, bis mir jetzt zu Ohren kam, dass das GoStockholmGöteborg Team & das Mit Vergüngen Team eine Fika-Sause schmeißt. Das Ganze wird am Sonntag den 02.12 in Berlin stattfinden und als ob eine Fika-Sause mit großartigem Musik Line up, wie Saint Lou Lou & Nordic Nature nicht genug wäre, gibt es oben drauf noch ne Buchpremiere. Jawohl ihr habt richtig gehört Buch + Premiere. Alle Impressionen wurden fleißig zusammen getragen und geschaffen wurde ein großes Ganzes.  Ganz klar und ohne wenn und aber, diese Geschichte könnt ihr euch nicht entgehen lassen. Zur Event-Anmeldung geht es hier entlang und weitere Infos findet ihr unter anderem bei Facebook oder auf FIKA!

Guys, do you remember my trip to Sweden this summer? Just in case you not, VisitSweden invited me to Göteborg and Stockholm, to enjoy both cities and to have loads of fun while exploring Sweden and it's goodies. Oh yea I know, lucky me! To remind us of the good times, decided to through a Fika Party. But that's not it, they also releasing  a book with all our ímpression from the trip.
So if you're around, make sure to crash the party, they will treat you with sweets and live music by Saint Lou Lou (fuck how great is that?) & Nordic by Nature. Here you will find the link for the guestlist and more information. HAPPY FIKA!
just a little best of-photos: anna wegelin & Mathias Hielscher


photos: anna wegelin
Well, what  can I say? My brother was busy with driving our ford mustang convertible down the road and I was pretty much busy with drinking his rye whiskey. I know, we're the perfect team, right! At some point I felt sort of overwhelmed because of nature's beauty and the free feeling you get while you driving across the U.S. without knowing what's happening next.  Guys I tell ya go on a fukn roadtrip, it's the best thing ever, especially when you have the chance to drive on highway 1, it's stunning.
photos: anna wegelin


photos: anna wegelin
I'll keep it short & simple with Venice Beach cause there is no word to express how amazing and magical this place is. If you ever go there, don't miss out on the drum circles on sundays, it sounds a bit like wtf, a drum circle? but trust me guys go there! Venice B. I felt in love with you and I can't wait to come back.


photos: anna wegelin
Believe it or not but Napa Valley made it into my top 3 list of the most awesome places I've visted in the US. This place was more like Disneyland for grown ups than just a wine country. I felt so unbelievable laid-back and kind of grounded while I was there. The delicious food, the great wine combined with the breathtakingly & beautiful surrounding made me perfectly happy. Well okay I spent the whole day drinking wine & champage, eating the best food in town and watching sundowns, it's quite easy to fulfill my wishes with this schedule. 
Luckily we had some nice recommandations for wineries, so went to this awesome little, family runned winery named Lava Vine, omg the 2010 Russian River Chardonnay we had there was mind blowing. Great service, magical place, I wish I would be there right now. We also went to some other stunning places like Schramsberg, the Kenzo Estate or Honig Wine. Guys those places were amazing and I could spend hours to tell you more about it.
For food we've spotted yummie places as such as La Toque, Alexis baking Company, C Casa or French Blue but I will tell you a little bit more about the food in another post. Napa you rock.


photos: anna wegelin / wowa
On our way towards Napa Valley we stopped by the Muir Woods. I was impressed like crazy by the nature, so was my brother Waldemar but he is used to hiking, so he was almost running through the woods and I was like "oh look at that tree, aww another one, oh my god have you seen that tree?" We ended up almost throwing stones at each other, still don't have a clue what's wrong with hugging every tree I see. Anyway good times! 


photos: anna wegelin
Some of you guys may know that I've recently spent five weeks in the U.S.A. My journey started as a roadtrip with my brother Waldemar. Our first stop was San Francisco but I barely remember because of some special popcorn and truffles. Anyway San Fran was an amazing start and the beauty of the city was simply mind blowing. We haven't done that much of the tourism stuff but we've tried to check out the urban food & liquor scene. We ended up in nice places like the speakeasy bourbon&branch or at some great breakfast spots like Tartine Bakery or 780 Café.

We also went on a biketour for 8 hours through the city towards Sausalito. On our way we passed the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge, damn that shit was crazaay, I never thought that I will have the chance to cross that bridge on a fukn bike. After an exhausting & serious work out we had a lovely dinner in this really yummy Italian restautrant Poggio Trattoria, don't miss out on that one if you're ever around. Guys I can't wait to tell you more about my trip,so stay tuned cause there's so much more to come-next The Muir Woods, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, the West Coast, Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver/Boulder, Key West and last but not least Miami, uhh exciting!


photos: anna wegelin & hans wurst
Tja, wenn die Gäste die Treppen runterstürzen oder regungslos in irgend welchen Ecken aufzufinden sind, ja dann bist du wohl auf einer Frontline Party. Am Donnerstag Abend war genau dies der Fall. Nach der Spring/Summer 2013 Show, wurde gerockt, gedanced und ganz anständig, wie im Bilderbuch gesüffelt. Ich habe mich wirklich köstlich amüsiert, was bei dem Ambiente und einer grandiosen Gesellschaft wie, der Frontline Crew, meine Homies Fabian, Bad Broccoli, Katha, Jessie, Katja, Nike & Sarah, Leni, Frederike und vielen mehr, auch nicht sonderlich schwer war. YO Frontlineshop merci merci für den tollen Abend.

photos: anna wegelin & hans wurst