photos / food: Anna Wegelin

I love snacking chips while watching movies. Oh yeah and you know what? I like them crunchy, hand cooked and with a thick cut. Last night I’ve been watching Anchorman 2, damn that movie was hilarious! That moment when Kanye showed up, haha so good! So the movie was fine, but the fact I had premium homemade chips next to me made the movie even better. 
Crispy thyme sweet potato chips, baked and served with smoked sea salt, crushed pepper and fresh dill. There is no need for any other words, those chips were simply MIND BLOWING.

They’re slightly tricky to make, but if you have your eye on them, everything should work out. 
I completely fucked up my first load, so I know what I’m talking about. Anyhow, get your oven ready for some sweet potato action. Heat the oven up to 150 degrees. Slice and dice them potatoes as thin as you can. They will turn out thick anyway :) Brush them tenderly with olive oil and spread the thyme. Leave the potatoes in the oven for like 30 minutes, now reduce the heat down to 100 degrees and give them  another 30 minutes. Season your chips with salt, pepper and fresh dill. 

Btw: The sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value. That’s quite a ding ding jackpot right? 
Bon Appétit Folks! 

photos / food: Anna Wegelin


V. said...

Ach du sch****, dit sieht aber jut aus! Hätte ich die Geduld dazu, würd ich sie schon längst machen.

sabina said...

Voll super!! Hast du ne Idee, wie man die ein paar Tage haltbar verpacken kann? Ich hab ein bisschen Sorge, dass die dann wieder weich werden oder so?! Was würdest du empfehlen?

lachsbroetchen said...

Merci Merci Lady V.

Sabina- Ich denke dass du sie ohne Kräuter ein paar Tage in einer Cellophan Tüte lagern kannst.
Ich hab sie halt gleich aufgegessen, daher habe ich da leider keine Erfahrungswerte, die ich dir weitergeben könnte.
Happy Baking :)