photos / food: Anna Wegelin 

Yes Yes Y’all I’m still doing my vegan thingy. Mostly I stick with them veggies or pulses like chickpeas, but last night I’ve tried my very first vegan fake cheese. The texture was pretty smooth and the taste nutty. Although it was nice, those cheese, meat, fish substitutes are not really working for me. 
During my 9 weeks of eating vegan I had 3 exceptions. One of it was last weekend while I was in Kiel.
We were eating Seafood, like mussels all day long. We’ve been fishing them ourselves from an environmentally sustainable mussel farm, but I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

What you see up here, are my food highlights of the 10 past days.
1. Pomegranate salad with apple, smoked tofu, cilantro and a lemon dressing.
2. Hummus made with chickpeas & kidney beans, served with glazed red onions and smoked tofu, again. 
3. Pizza Pizza Pizza, I’m a total pizza slut. The pizza was so good, you will see more of it in another post. 
4. Eggplant ragout to the finest. Made with loads of fresh tomatoes. Served with crispy fried natural tofu, an overload of herbs and pistachio.    
5. Baked thyme sweet potato chips, with freshly crushed pepper, smoked sea salt and topped with dill. Guys, those chips were mad good. Foodgasm to the max.

I guess my vegan food life is a pretty good one, righty

photos / food: Anna Wegelin 

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V. said...

I like your vegan experiment. On the one hand, it's difficult because you have to always stay creative and alert regarding what you eat, but on the other, it's great because you have to always stay creative and alert regarding what you eat. The mussels sound really good, too, tho ;) Yum!