Photo / Food: Anna Wegelin 

This cake here isn’t your average banana breadish loaf, nahh. What you see is a gluten free, vegan, end level cake. Oh yeah I can work them bananas like no other, I got that magical banana land power. But no worries folks, I will share that power with you. All you need to do is this, get like fifteen bananas for the ‘filling’. The more the better. I used a gluten free dough mix for my pastry and I added following ingredients- Soft dates, walnuts, almond milk, vegan butter and brandy, yes yes ya like like liquor, like like like liquor.

Mix all that in a bowl, roll out the dough to a thickness of about 5 mm and cover the baking tray with it. I ended up having a firm dough, so don’t use too much butter or almond milk. Think of a pizzaish dough, that’s what we want. Trust me, them soft baked bananas will work heavenly good with a crunchy chocolate covered dough.
Anyhow, what I did next is that I melted down the dark chocolate in a hot water bath (200 gram). 
Then simply pour it over the dough, spread them bananas, and sprinkle maple syrup on them. Leave your cake for about 45 minutes in the oven (180 degrees). Now feel free to go bananas with your sweetest taboo. Bon Appétit you guys. 

Raw ingredient guess-  400 gram of flour, 125 butter (take vegan or normal butter-your choice), 200 gram dates, 100 gram walnuts, 150 ml almond milk, 15 bananas, 200 gram chocolate, maple syrup, ohh and take as much liquor as you want. 

Photo / Food: Anna Wegelin


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Anonymous said...

butter? no vehan, then.

lachsbroetchen said...

Ich habe natürlich vegane butter benutzt. is doch klar. muss ich doch gar nicht mehr erwähnen, oder?